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Strawberry Shortcake becomes a main character at Bahama Bucks

An advertisment of 'Bahama Bucks' branded shaved ice cup with an animated girl character

This fall, Strawberry Shortcake is joining the menu at Bahama Buck’s as a new addition to its fall menu. Strawberry Shortcake flavored Sno layered and topped with Tropic Creme, whipped cream, and Princess Sprinkles will be available through the month of September.

Available in Bahama Buck’s locations nationwide, Bahama Buck’s encourages guests to stop by their local Bahama Buck’s shop or order online at and experience the new berry delicious Strawberry Shortcake Sno. Guests that are not already members of Bahama Buck’s new loyalty program, Surf Club Rewards, may download the app and receive a free product for signing up and start earning Paradise Points on every order for more free product rewards.

Find a Bahama Buck's near you to try this fruitastic new flavor!


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