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Color Me Mine bring berry sweet pottery designs to the world of strawberry shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake and Color Me Mine have partnered to offer fans a chance to create their very own strawberry-themed pottery designs!

The partnership will celebrate all the different versions of the iconic character over the years, from her classic appearance in the 1980s to her latest iteration in the new Netflix series. Fans of all ages will have the opportunity to paint gorgeous strawberry-themed pottery designs on a variety of ceramic pieces, including mugs, plates, and figurines. The designs will be available at all Color Me Mine locations, so fans can get creative and show off their artistic skills at their nearest studio!

And that's not all – the collaboration will also offer the perfect opportunity for a berry sweet birthday party! Fans can book a Strawberry Shortcake-themed birthday party at their local Color Me Mine studio, complete with strawberry-themed pottery designs and decorations inspired by the beloved character.

Which berry will you be painting?

Head over to the Color Me Mine website for more information.


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